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Is Organic Coconut Oil Good For You?

Organic Coconut Oil is by far one of the best oils that you can use not only for cooking but it is very healthy for you as well. The coconut in the Philippines is known as the tree of life as it is used for food, medicine and as a cooking ingredient.

Omega Nutrition’s Coconut Oil is a non-hydrogenated that is trans-fatty acid free due to it being more heat stable than other oils when cooked at high temperatures. Using this organic coconut oil is ideal for cooking especially when a recipe calls for butter, as you will be cutting 25% of the fat out. When stir-frying or sautéing this is the best oil that you can use as well as being easily digestible. For an energy boost you can add this oil to a blender drink. Spread on toast instead of margarine or butter.  This product does not need to be refrigerated and will last up to two years. To extend the life of the oil it can be frozen.

Organic Coconut Oil (32oz) - Omega Nutrition

Organic Coconut Oil (32oz) - Omega Nutrition

Health wise, coconut oil benefits are numerous. Using just one tablespoon a day will increase your metabolism, work as an anti-inflammatory, give you more energy, help to balance blood sugar, will help in the aid of loosing excess body fat, and will improve the condition of your skin and hair. For anyone suffering from kidney stones, organic coconut oil has been known to dissolve them. Because coconut oil contains lauric acid (also found in human milk) bacteria and viruses will be easier to fight off aiding the immune system.
Organic Coconut Oil (32oz) – Omega NutritionTo sum it up, it is a product that can and should be used everyday.  Try it for yourself and reap the benefits of organic coconut oil.

Author: Lisa Fox

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  1. I use it & love it.. <~ enjoy

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