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Posted on Apr 23, 2014 in Articles, Body Care, Culinary Oils & Vinegars | 0 comments

Is Oil Pulling Better Than Mouthwash?

Is Oil Pulling Better Than Mouthwash?

Thanks for letting us know how oil pulling is working for you Jenny!

“Hi, I’m Jenny from Nature’s Prime. I really enjoy the Omega Nutrition Sesame Oil Pulling product. It is part of my morning routine. I put the Sesame Oil in my mouth before I go into the shower. I find it gives me time to think and meditate on what is important.

After 20 minutes I spit out the Oil and wash my mouth with real sea salt and water. I follow up by brushing my teeth. I use the Sesame Oil for one month and then, I take a month break.

I am benefiting from the detoxifying effect. I have noticed improvements in my oral health. I have even delayed a root canal by 3 months! I find impurities from my lungs and throat have come out. All my system’s seem to be working better and more regularly. Thanks Omega Nutrition.”
April, 2014


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